About Buck Wild

About Buck Wild

Hello! My name is Sharon and I am Buck Wild! My story begins in 2010 when my daughter, Sarah, suggested I sew some wild rags for a local charity ranch rodeo. I had no idea that my wild rags would set the cowboy culture on fire!

Since those humble beginnings, I have sewn thousands of wild rags, and traveled thousands of miles selling them. My wild rags can be found at Dude Ranches all over the Western US , Western Magazines such as Western Horseman, Cowgirl Magazine and APHA Chrome Magazines covers and The John Wayne Foundation. Buck Wild can be spotted at Ariat Intl, NRS World, as well as several Top Boutiques throughout the US, Canada and Australia. I have also had the pleasure of working with some of the very best Western Fashion Influencers and Creators of Western Fashion…Influencers, Shaley Hamm (West Desperado) Brianna Bigbee, The Coyote Cowgirl, Whitney Benton, Classy Trailer, Allie Falcon, Western Skies Handmade, Long X Trading Co. The Wandering Rose and so many more super talented people!!

Not forgetting to mention my beautiful daughter, Lindsay Nettleton- Lifestyle Influencer with a huge presence in the Western Lifestyle community. She and her husband, Brock and my two grandsons, Bronx and Chisum can be seen almost exclusively wearing Buck Wild Rags.

Please be sure to stop by my booth at the South Point Hotel and Casino during the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas Nevada and the WRCA World Finals in Amarillo, Texas.  Both Lindsay and myself would LOVE to meet you!

A very special thanks to my grandmother who taught me how to sew at the age of 9, and quite honestly, I have been sitting behind a sewing machine ever since. I love the thrill of the hunt when looking for that perfect fabric design! I pride myself in the selection of Non Traditional Wild Rag fabrics. Ask any of my customers and they will tell you my favorite saying while out on the road selling my rags…”Wild rags are like potato chips, you can’t have just ONE!”

I hope you enjoy browsing through my creations and selections as much as I enjoy selecting them and sewing them.

Remember: Look for the Tag ~ B.Wild – The Original Cowboy Wild Rag.