Buck Wild Rags FAQ

What are your rags made from?
My wild rags are made from 100% Silk and 100% Silk Polyester

What is the most common size most customers ask for?
Most of my customers request a 42×42. Other sizes commonly requested are 21×21 and 36×36.

Do you serge your hems?

How do you launder a wild rag?
Although my wild rags will hold up under most circumstances, I do suggest to my customers to delicate wash them in cold water and hang to dry. This helps to keep the vibrant colors from fading over time.

What is the difference between a silk and a polyester wild rag?
Since silk is a natural fiber it will allow for better breathability. Silk will act as a natural wicking agent and draw perspiration away from the skin in the summer as well as provide warmth in the winter months. Polyester is generally brighter in color and more vibrant and is more forgiving over time. If wearing a scarf is only for warmth, then polyester is more economically feasible.